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  • Section: Additional Tips

    When you are using Permadeath, you probably also want to disable Undo:

        Use Undo Prevention.

    Since restoring a game counts as killing off your current character (unless you can save safely), and shows a prompt asking whether you really want to do this, it might be a good idea to start the game with a menu from which one can restore without going through this hassle. A simple way to get such a menu is by including "Title Page" by Jon Ingold":

        Include Title Page by Jon Ingold.

    Example: * Garden of Eden - Permanent death in safe and unsafe areas.

        *: "Garden of Eden" by Victor Gijsbers

        Include Permadeath by Victor Gijsbers.
        The File of Adventurers is called "EdenSaves".

        Include Title Page by Jon Ingold.

        Use Undo Prevention.

        The Garden of Eden is a room. "Stairs up lead to Heaven."

        The apple is here. The apple is edible.

        After eating the apple:
            say "It was poisonous. You have died...";
            permanently kill the player;
            end the story saying "Be more careful next time!".

        Heaven is up from Garden of Eden. "You have the feeling you could safely save here."

        A safe saving allowed rule (this is the you can save in heaven rule):
            if the player is enclosed by Heaven:
                rule succeeds.