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  • Section: The Limits of Permadeath

    Permadeath cannot completely ensure that players will not be able to resurrect their dead characters. Anyone who backs up the File of Adventurers will be able to later restore it and thus re-enable the save games. (This behaviour is known as "save scumming" and frowned upon by all.) Even those who have not backed up their File of Adventurers can change it back to its previous state using a text editor -- however, in order to find out the randomly generated number they would need to do this, they either need to hack into the save game or randomly guess a number between 1 and 20.000.

    Permadeath, then, doesn't make it impossible to cheat, but it does make it very hard to cheat after you have died. Since the temptation to resurrect your fallen character is far stronger after than before his or her demise, this will protect most people from indulging in un-rogue-like behaviour.