Undescribed Objects

version 1/080526 by Tim Pittman

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  • Example: * Home on the Range - Doing something with things that aren't really there by using undescribed objects.

    In this simple example, we use Undescribed Objects to take the place of any items we mentioned in passing but don't really feel like writing about or don't want taking up space in the Z-Machine. Also note that undescribed objects in one room are not noticed in another room.

        "Home on the Range" By Tim Pittman

        Include Undescribed Objects by Tim Pittman.

        The Field is a room. "A vast field where grass is abundant - well it should be, except that darn [goat] keeps eating it! It does eat any dandelions when he gets the chance though."

        The goat is an animal in the field. The description is "A sturdy goat that can get you a hefty price at the market... if anyone was willing to buy it.".
        The grass is scenery in the field. The description is "It would grow tall and green, if it wasn't for that damn goat!".

        Dandelions are an undescribed object in the field.

        The Barn is south of the field. "The rafters hold up the great roof of this barn. In the barn you can see [hay] and [a cow] munching on the hay."

        Some hay is in the Barn. The description is "A stack of hay. Maybe you can find a needle in it!"
        A cow is an animal in the barn. The description is "Her name is Betsy. She won a blue ribbon in last year's festival, but she won't be competing this year - she's pregnant."

        A needle is an undescribed object in the Barn with error text "Nothing you do will make you find the needle.".
        The rafters is an undescribed object in the Barn.

        Test me with "x dandelions/x grass/x trees/s/x rafters/x hay/x needle/take needle/x dandelions/n/x rafters/x needle".