Undescribed Objects

version 1/080526 by Tim Pittman

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    This extension creates a new kind (not a new kind of thing) called an Undescribed Object. An undescribed object can be described as a super simple thing which only has one property (error text) and a presence in the room that is was placed in. However, it is NOT a thing and, therefore, does not even get considered in room descriptions, look actions, or search actions. These things are here so that if you mention something in passing in a room description, the parser will not say "You can't see any such thing."

    Note: Even though an undescribed object is present in the world model and, therefore, a "physical" entity, the game will throw a parser error (specifically the unused-in-I7 "That is not something you need to refer to during the course of the game." error). It gives a parser error because historically this was caught by the parser and it allows the intentional consequence of being able to change the parser error with the following phrase:

        Rule for printing a parser error when parser error is not something you need to refer to: say "Don't bother with that.".

    Also, if you also include Custom Library Messages by David Fisher, this extension will use the library message given by the Table of custom library messages (which is slightly different than the default message that was written in this extension). This extension also allows the author to change the error text of individual undescribed objects by using the error text property:

        The goat is an undescribed object in the Field. The error text of the goat is "No need to bother with the goat, I just mentioned it in passing.".

    Please note that the error text is not action-specific and will print the same for any error. Also note that the rule that prints the parser error is listed before the instead rules but after the before rules.