Directional Facing

version 1 by Tim Pittman

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    Directional Facing allows the player to say "go forward" and the player moves the direction he's facing. Directions allowed are "go forward" or "f", "go back" or "b", "go left" or "l", and "go right" or "r".

    When typing descriptions, we can type "[north directional]" and get a description that say "to your left", "to your right", "in front of you", or "behind you" depending on the direction the player is facing.

    Finnaly, this adds the relation "to be facing [a direction]". When making anything, we can type "[the thing] is facing north" and when the player examines it, he will first face south - the direction opposite the thing is facing so they are face to face. This also works with people. At the begining of our story, we can type "the player is facing north" and he will start out facing north. Things can be not facing any direction. When the player moves to a new room, he will face the way he is traveling.

    (note: only works properly for the four main compas directions - Do not attempt to use descriptions for any other directions, it will return blank)

    (in future versions, I hope to include all other directions - The hold up, the status bar printout does not have an indicator for NE, NW, SE, or SW...)

    Use the following code for Status Bar Use (be sure to replace any spaces in the table with tabs if an error occurs):

        Table of Fancy Status
      left  central  right   
      ""  ""  "[top rose]"  
      " [location]"  "[time of day]"  "[middle rose]"  
      ""  ""  "[bottom rose]"  
        Rule for constructing the status line:
            fill status bar with Table of Fancy Status;
            rule succeeds.