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  • Section - People (in place of Section SR1/11 - People in Standard Rules by Graham Nelson)
    The specification of person is "Despite the name, not necessarily
    a human being, but anything animate enough to envisage having a
    conversation with, or bartering with."
    [Die bipolaren either-or properties male/female des Originals auflösen;
    eine Person hat jetzt kein explizit vordefiniertes Geschlecht mehr, sie
    erbt jedoch das Attribut "neuter" von der Klasse "thing".]
    A person can be neuter. A person can be female. A person can be male.
    A person has a number called carrying capacity.
    The carrying capacity of a person is usually 100.
    Include (-
    has transparent animate
    with before NULL, ! number 0,
    -) when defining a person.
    The yourself is an undescribed person. The yourself is proper-named.
    The description of yourself is usually "Gutaussehend wie immer."
    The printed name of yourself is "[du]".
    [Das ist nur Kosmetik für die Anzeige per showme.
    Die eigentliche Ausgabe des Namens wird in print_yourself() erledigt.]
    The yourself object translates into I6 as "selfobj".
    Include (-
    has proper,
    with saved_short_name "@20",
    -) when defining yourself.