Extended Banner

version 5 by Stephen Granade

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    Include (-

    [ I7BuildVersion;
        print (string) NI_BUILD_COUNT, " ";
        print "(I6/v"; inversion;
        print " lib ", (string) LibRelease, ") ";
    #ifdef STRICT_MODE;
        print "S";
    #ifdef INFIX;
        print "X";
    #ifdef DEBUG;
        print "D";


    To decide if (s - text) is not blank: if s is "", decide no; decide yes.

    [The extended story headline is necessary so that, if the author doesn't set the story headline value, "An Interactive Fiction" is printed out.]
    To say extended story headline: (- if (Headline ~= 0) print (string) Headline; -).
    To say story serial number: (- SerialNumber(); -).
    To say I7 version number: (- I7BuildVersion(); -).

    The story copyright string and story rights statement are text variables.

    Last for printing the banner text rule (this is the extended banner rule):
        say "[bold type][story title][roman type][line break][extended story headline][if story author is not blank] by [story author][end if][line break]";
        if the story copyright string is not "", say "Copyright [unicode 169] [story copyright string][if story author is not blank] by [story author][end if][line break][if story rights statement is not blank][story rights statement][otherwise]All rights reserved[end if][run paragraph on][line break]";
        say "Release [if release number is not 0][release number][otherwise]1[end if] / Serial number [story serial number] / Inform 7 build [I7 version number][line break]" instead.

    Extended Banner ends here.