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  • Example: ** Silk And Cheese Time - A small extension providing some objects with sensory information for you to play around with.

        "Silk And Cheese Time" by ShadowChaser

        Include Senses by ShadowChaser.

        The White Room is a room. "You are in a plain white room.".

        The mouldy cheese is in the White Room. "A piece of mouldy cheese lies on the floor.". The odour is "cheesy". The flavour is "rancid". The feeling is "oily". The description is "This is very mouldy.". The cheese is strong_smelling.

        The silk scarf is in the White Room. "On the floor is a slik scarf.". The odour is "faintly of perfume". The feeling is "soft".

        The metronome is in the White Room. "A metronome sits here.". The sound is "tick tock".

        The alarm clock is in the White Room. "An alarm clock is here.". The sound is "ringing". The alarm clock is loud_sounding.

        Test me with "smell cheese / taste cheese / touch cheese / listen to cheese / touch scarf / taste scarf / smell scarf / listen to scarf / taste clock / taste metronome / touch clock / touch metronome / smell clock / smell metronome / listen to clock / listen to metronome".