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    This short extension implements the senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing.

    Each object in the game has the following properties feeling, flavour, odour, and sound. These properties can be used to add sensory information about objects. For example:-

        The odour of the perfume is "fragrant".

    This will produce the response:
        >smell perfume

        The perfume smells fragrant.

    The standard inform commands of touch, taste, smell, and listen to (or hear) have been altered to implement reporting these properties to the player.

    In addition to this, an object can be strong_smelling or weak_smelling (the default is weak smelling). An object can also be loud_sounding or soft_sounding (the default is soft_sounding).

    An audible object is defined by the game as one that has a sound other than the default of "silence". A noisy object is one that is loud_sounding.

    A pungent object is defined by the game as one that is strong_smelling.

    Pungent objects have their smell reported in the location of the room after a "look". The same goes for any noisy objects.