Basic Characters

version 1 by ShadowChaser

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  • Section: Sanity

    Every person or animal in the game has a number called sanity (defaulted to 99). This is a measure of how sane a person or animal is.

    The command "sanity" will display a description of the player's sanity. (This is defined as an out of work action called requesting the sanity of the player. This won't be their actual sanity value, rather it will be some text like "sane" or "insane".

    To print a description of the current sanity level of an animal or person:-

        Say sanity_of {personoranimal}

    To increase or decrease a person or animal's sanity:

        increase_sanity_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

        decrease_sanity_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

    If a person or animal loses all of their sanity they become "permanently insane". This is a convenient way of indicating 0 sanity, e.g.:
        if the player is permanently insane, say "You have completely lost your mind...".