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version 1 by ShadowChaser

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  • Section: Magic

    Every person or animal in the game has three user changeable values called magic_level, max_magic, and magic_regen_rate. these are explained below:-

    magic - The current magic level of a person or animal (defaulted to 10).

    max_magic - This is the person or animals maximum level of magic (defaulted to 10).

    magic_regen_rate - This is the speed at which a person regains magic (defaulted to 5). It is an indication of the number of turns before the person or animal regains 1 magic point when their magic level is less than max_magic.

    Each person or animal can also be regen_safe or regen_unsafe. The default is regen_safe. If a person or animal is regen_unsafe then they will not undergo the natural magic level regeneration process until they are made regen_safe again.

    The command "magic" will display a description of the player's magic. (This is defined as an out of work action called requesting the magic level of the player. This won't be their actual magic value; rather it will be some text like "drained" or "fully charged".

    Not every game will want the player to use magic. For this reason if the following line is used:

        Use no magic reporting

    Then the command "magic" will display "You are no magician.", and the magic status of the player will not be included in the "status" command.

    To print a description of the current magic level of an animal or person:-

        Say magic_of {personoranimal}

    To increase or decrease a person or animal's magic:

        increase_magic_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

        decrease_magic_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

    If a person or animal loses all of their magic they become "magically spent". This is a convenient way of indicating 0 magic level, e.g.:
        if the player is magically spent, say "You are unable to cast any more spells at present.".