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version 1 by ShadowChaser

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  • Section: Health

    Every person or animal in the game has three user changeable values called health, max_health, and heal_rate. These are explained below:-

    health - The current health of a person or animal (defaulted to 10). A person or animal can be considered dead if their health is 0 (although this extension provides no definition of death).

    max_health - This is the person or animals maximum level of health (when they are uninjured - defaulted to 10).

    heal_rate - This is the speed at which a person heals (defaulted to 5). It is an indication of the number of turns before the person or animal regains 1 health point when injured.

    Note: a dead person or animal will not regain health unless you make their health at least 1 point manually first.

    The command "health" will display a description of the player's health. (This is defined as an out of work action called requesting the health of the player. This won't be their actual health value; rather it will be some text like "injured" or "healthy" If the player is at 0 health it will display "dead".

    Each person or animal can also be heal_safe or heal_unsafe. The default is heal_safe. If a person or animal is heal_unsafe then they will not undergo the natural healing process until they are made heal_safe again.

    To print a description of the current health of an animal or person:-

        Say health_of {personoranimal}

    To increase or decrease a person or animal's health:

        increase_health_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

        decrease_health_of {personoranimal} by {amount}

    If a person or animal loses all of their health they become "dead". This is a convenient way of indicating 0 health, e.g.:
        if the player is dead, end the game in death.