Shipboard Directions

version 1/110709 by Samuel Byron

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  • Example: ** All Ashore! - Creating a ship that avoids using the traditional compass directions

        "All ashore!"

        Include Shipboard Directions by Samuel Byron.

        The Cabin is a room. "The captain normally works in here, but he's ashore now, along with the rest of the crew--you're the only one on the ship."

        The Aft deck is a room. "This is the rear of the ship. From here, you can see the city bustling with people." Inside from the aft deck is the cabin.

        The Mid-deck is ahead of the aft deck. "The mast rises from the center of the ship, and from here it seems just as large as when you are at the top."

        The Rail is starboard of the mid-deck. "As you lean against the rail, you can see the docks stretching before you. There is no lack of ships, either."

        The Fore deck is fore from the mid-deck. "The sides of the ship come to a point just in front of you, and, beyond, you can see the ocean stretching to the horizon."

        The Dock is port of the mid-deck. "Your feet hit the dock with muffled thumps. Your ship is to the east, and the city rises to the south." The mid-deck is east of the dock.
        West of the mid-deck is nothing.

        The City is outside of the dock. "There is so much to do here, after your long stint at sea. You suppose that, maybe, the first thing to do is catch up with some old friends."

        To decide if onboard ship:
            if the location is the dock, decide no;
            if the location is the city, decide no;
            decide yes.

        Test me with "out / fore / s / port / w / p / starboard / out".