Helpers for GBA Frotz

version 1/061104 by S John Ross

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    Jonas Minnberg's port of Frotz to the GameBoy Advance struggles (with some admirable success) over the unusual hurdles of Interactive Fiction on a computer with no keyboard. This extension provides some additional assistance in the form of two added features:

    1. Dictionary Summaries

    The player can call up a summary of the standard key-binding dictionaries with the DIC command. The commands DICTIONARY and DICTIONARIES are equivalent. These dictionaries are explained more fully in the port’s own documentation. This feature provides an in-game alternative to keeping a hardcopy list of the many key combinations.

    2. Grabmode Helper

    The commands GGG and "northsouth" (nonsense commands chosen because they're some of the easiest things to enter using GBA Frotz), summon a comparably nonsensical block of useful common text-parser terms, to be "harvested" by the player using the interpreter’s grabmode.