Repeat Through Actions

version 2 by Ron Newcomb

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    This extension allows us to write repeat phrases that step through a game's actions. The most general runs through every action defined in the game. Incidentally, we can also ask if the action is out-of-world.
        Instead of thinking:
            say "The possibilities are practically endless.";
            repeat with possibility running through every action begin;
                say "[The possibility][if the possibility is out of world] (out of world)[end if].";
            end repeat.

    A second form steps through a kind of action.
        Kissing is unmaidenly behavior.
        Touching is unmaidenly behavior.
        Drinking is unmaidenly behavior.
        Accusing of is unmaidenly behavior.
        Instead of asking someone about "etiquette/manners":
            say "There are some things that a lady should never do. ";
            repeat with taboo running through every kind of unmaidenly behavior begin;
                say "[one of]Like[or]Or[stopping] [taboo]. ";
            end repeat;

    Remember that these deal with abstract actions, not with specific examples of actions. (Specific examples are called stored actions.) So, if we wish to insert these into a table, or pass them to To phrases, we use the action-name type.
        A characteristic is a kind of value. Some characteristics are inquisitive, socialized.
        Table of Traits & Moods
      reaction     trait  
      an action-name   a characteristic  
      the saying sorry action  socialized  
      the asking it about action  inquisitive  

    We may ask if a kind of action "involves" an abstract action.
        let taboo be the reaction entry;
        if the taboo involves undoglike behavior, say "But if you do this, you'll tip them off that you're not really a dog.";

    Finally, and least importantly, we may convert abstract actions to and from numbers.
        say "The 5th action is [5 as an action-name]. The Removing It From action is action #[the removing it from action as a number].";

    If we include the extension Editable Stored Actions, we can directly modify the action-name part of a stored action.
        Include Repeat Through Actions by Ron Newcomb, Editable Stored Actions by Ron Newcomb.
        Place is a room. A mysterious gizmo is a thing in place.
        Examining is usual I-F.
        Taking is usual I-F.
        Dropping is usual I-F.
        Waving is usual I-F.
        Switching on is usual I-F.
        Instead of examining:
            let the suggested command be the action of examining the noun;
            say "A few things to try with the [noun]: ";
            repeat with possibility running through the usual I-F actions begin;
                change the action-name part of the suggested command to the possibility;
                say "[one of][or], [stopping][the suggested command]";
            end repeat;
            say ".";