Problem-Solving Characters

version 2 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter - Testing Commands - not for release
    [For implicitly taking: do nothing instead.]
    Understand "a" or "agenda" or "agendas" as a mistake ("[agendas]").
    Understand "a [someone]" or "agenda for/-- [someone]" or "agendas for/-- [someone]" as a mistake ("[agenda for the noun indenting zero times]").
    To say agendas:
        repeat with actor running through everyone:
            say "[The actor]:[line break][agenda for the actor indenting one times]".
    To say agenda for (actor - a person) indenting (indentation level - a number) times:
        now the actor's next attempt is what the actor will do next;
        say "[sub-agenda for the goals of the actor indenting (the indentation level) times]".