Problem-Solving Characters

version 2 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * To list all check rules - Insert this at the very end of your work's text to list all the check rules in your game, with an When Hindered By preamble wrapped around.
        "List the Check Rules"
        To repeat with (Nth - nonexisting rule based rulebook variable) running through rulebooks begin -- end:
        (- for ({Nth} = 0; {Nth} <= NUMBER_RULEBOOKS_CREATED; ++{Nth}) -).
        There is room.
        To repeat with (Rth - nonexisting rule variable) running through (rb - a rule based rulebook) begin -- end:
        (- for (parameter_object = 0 : (rulebooks_array-->{rb})-->parameter_object ~= NULL : ++parameter_object)
            { {Rth} = (rulebooks_array-->{rb})-->parameter_object; !-).
        When play begins:
            repeat with book running through rulebooks:
                if "[book]" matches the text "check":
                    say "[line break][bracket][book][close bracket][line break]";
                    repeat with obstacle running through the book:
                        say "When hindered by the [obstacle]: [line break]";
            [say "WHEN HINDERED BY.";
            repeat with reaction running through The when hindered by rules:
                say "[reaction] [line break]";]