Problem-Solving Characters

version 2 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * Baked Potato - Careful, it's hot.
        "Baked Potato"
        Include Problem-Solving Characters by Ron Newcomb.
        Bob's Kitchen is room.
        Bob is a man in Bob's kitchen. A microwave is a closed openable transparent container in Bob's Kitchen.
        A potato is in the microwave. A thing can be hot. The potato is hot.
        Persuasion: persuasion succeeds.
        Unsuccessful attempt by when the reason the action failed is the basic accessibility rule: say "'Just a sec.'" instead.
        Unsuccessful attempt by Bob attacking something: say "Bob stabs the open button ineffectively." instead.
        Check an actor taking something hot (this is the hot potato rule): say "Too hot!" instead.
        Report an actor examining something hot: now the potato is not hot; say "It eventually cools down." instead.
        When hindered by the hot potato rule, we could try examining the noun.
        When hindered by the basic accessibility rule:
            we could try attacking the holder of the noun;
            if the holder of the noun is not the holder of the person asked, we could try opening the holder of the noun;
            we could try dropping the holder of the noun.
        Test me with "a / Bob, take the potato / a / wait / a / wait / a / wait / a / wait / a / wait / a / wait".