Player-Character Requires Persuasion

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Player-Character Requires Persuasion by Ron Newcomb begins here.

    "The Persuasion rules will be consulted for the player-character. Intended for works in which the author does not wish to conflate the player with the player-character."

    Last persuasion rule for looking (this is the always allow looking rule): rule succeeds.

    Last Persuasion rule for doing something except looking (this is the default PC behavior rule): say "[italic type]I have better things to do[roman type]." instead.

    The all actions require persuasion rule is listed instead of the requested actions require persuasion rule in the action-processing rulebook.

    The all actions require persuasion rule translates into I6 as "PC_REQUIRES_PERSUASION".

    Include (-
        if ((actor == player) || (act_requester)) {
            @push say__p;
            say__p = 0;
            if (RulebookSucceeded() == false) {
                if (say__p == FALSE) L__M(##Miscellany, 72, actor);
                RulebookFails(); rtrue;
            @pull say__p;

    Player-Character Requires Persuasion ends here.