Player-Character Requires Persuasion

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * The Magic Word is not XYZZY - Our protagonist is a stickler on manners.

        "The Magic Word is not XYZZY"
        Include Player-Character Requires Persuasion by Ron Newcomb.
        A Quiet Spot is room. Bob is a man in the spot.

        Persuasion rule for doing something when said please is true: persuasion succeeds.

        Persuasion rule for asking Bob to try sleeping or waiting: say "'I'm already trying to, thanks.'" instead.

        Test me with "sleep / bob, sleep / wait / please wait / bob, wait / jump / bob, jump / please jump / inventory / inventory please / bob, take inventory ".

        Said please is a truth state that varies.

        After reading a command:
            now said please is false;
            if the player's command includes "please" begin;
                now said please is true;
                cut the matched text;
            end if.