Player-Character Requires Persuasion

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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    Normally in interactive fiction, the player is intended to literally be the protagonist in the narrative, as evidenced by the use of second-person viewpoint. But there may be some narrative possibilities worth exploring if we keep the protagonist -- the player-character -- as a separate entity from the player.

    This extension ensures the Persuasion rules, usually used for commands like "BOB, GO WEST", will be consulted for all commands. The only exception is looking, which puts readable text to the screen. This can be overridden by additional persuasion rules intercepting look, or it can be completely revoked by:

        The always allow looking rule is not listed in the persuasion rules.

    Like NPCs, the default behavior for the protagonist is to refuse everything the player requests of him/her. This should be overridden in the same way, by creating a new "persuasion succeeds" rule. The default error message for the PC's refusal is printed by:

        The default PC behavior rule is not listed in the persuasion rules.

    The extension Custom Library Messages by David Fisher is recommended but not required, as Inform's built-in messages are in second person.