Passable Relations

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Section: Reference

    Herein are the names of the standard relations. [Calculated or conditional relations (see 13.12 "Relations which express conditions") are marked* with an asterick. Such relations cannot be assigned to.]

    Physical worldsim relations:
        containment relation, support relation, incorporation relation, carrying relation, holding relation, wearing relation, possession relation* ("to have" = carry or wear), enclosure relation*, adjacency relation, regional-containment relation

    Sensory relations:
        visibility relation*, touchability relation*, concealment relation*

    Doorway relations:
        leading-through relation, lock-fitting relation

    Directional relations. If changing the map connections is desired, using the standard Direction classes is highly recommended. (Objects have better language support than relations anyway.) See Chapter 3.1, "Map", in the Recipe Book.
        mapping-north relation, mapping-northeast relation, mapping-northwest relation, mapping-east relation, mapping-south relation, mapping-southeast relation, mapping-southwest relation, mapping-west relation, mapping-up relation, mapping-down relation, mapping-inside relation, mapping-outside relation

    Numerical relations are not supported by this extension:
        numerically-greater-than relation, numerically-less-than relation, numerically-greater-than-or-equal-to relation, numerically-less-than-or-equal-to relation