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  • Chapter 13 - Use-Options for Languages Other Than English

    [ The #ifdef is always tricky because I can't use I7's block feature to auto-add the #endif the way it does a closing brace. So I try to diguise the inner body as a single phrase. The use-option I created merely for documentation purposes. It doesn't actually work if used, mainly because that "constant" needs to be a function defined in Inform 6 directly. I may fix it later if I find out how. ]

    Use inflected nouns translates as (- Constant LanguageRefers; -).

    To if (option - a use-option) is active, decide per non-English rules if the word at (position - a number) refers to (obj - an object):
    (- #ifdef LanguageRefers;
        t_2 = LanguageRefers({obj}, {position}); if (t_2 >= 0) return t_2;
        #endif; -).

    The convert to subject–verb–object format rule translates into I6 as "LanguageToInformese".