Original Parser

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter 3 - New Command Parser Errors

    To decide what command parser error is no errors here: (- 0 -).
    [Some command parser errors are
        the can't use addressee w/AGAIN error, [could also be a CHECK AGAINing rule]
        the nothing to repeat error, [when the saved command in the AGAIN workspace is empty] [could also be a CHECK AGAINing rule]
        the can't begin w/commas error, [still can't trigger this. The code eats multiple commas in a row ]
        the can't see addressee error,
        the can't talk to inanimate objects error,
        the can't understand sentence subjects error. [(eg, throw out "dwarf sdfgsdgs, go north").]
    20: "To repeat a command like ~frog, jump~, just say ~again~, not ~frog, again~.";
    21: "You can hardly repeat that.";
    22: "You can’t begin with a comma.";
    23: "You seem to want to talk to someone, but I can’t see whom.";
    24: "You can’t talk to ", (the) x1, ".";
    25: "To talk to someone, try ~someone, hello~ or some such.";