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version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter 6 - From the Standard Rules

    [ Odd but true: there is one I6 function in the SR not exposed to the player. It converts a rulebook outcome to a number. ]
    To decide what number is did the player mean this: (- CheckDPMR() -).

    [ These have similar phrases in the SR already, but they call GL__M or AGL__M, which silence themselves in some situations. Besides, this way of messaging will eventually disappear, and I like the following wording better anyway. Also, I really wanted some blue prose to appear in the code in places, partly for variety, and party because they themselves help document what's going on. They also serve as landmarks when scrolling. So even though the one message below makes no use of it, it's there for those reasons. ]
    To issue (Nth - a number) message for (act - an action name): (- L__M({act}, {Nth}, noun); -).
    To issue (Nth - a number) response (txt - some text): (- L__M(##Miscellany, {Nth}); -).
    To issue (Nth - a number) response with (obj - an number): (- L__M(##Miscellany, {Nth}, {obj}); -).

    [ Well, this one isn't but I want to highlight where parser errors occur with blue text. ]
    To issue (txt - some text) as (cpe - a command parser error): (- (+ latest parser error +) = {cpe}; -).