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version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter 4 - From the Light i6t File

    [ An object is see-through if it's transparent, animate, a supporter, or an open container. ]
    To decide if (obj - an object) is see-through: (- IsSeeThrough({obj}) -).
    To decide whether light can get out of (obj - an object): (- (HasLightSource({obj})) -).
    To decide whether light can get into (obj - an object): (- (OffersLight({obj})) -).
    [ If an object is see-through, then light can get into AND get out of it. ]

    [ Scope is almost the same thing as visibility, but not quite, if the obj is inside a container which is itself part of something else. ]
    To decide what object is the scope ceiling of (obj - an object): (- ScopeCeiling({obj}) -).