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version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter - Creature

    [Will this object do for an I6 |creature| token? (In I7 terms, this affects
    the tokens ``[someone]'', ``[somebody]'', ``[anyone]'' and ``[anybody]''.)]

    To decide if (obj - an object) is a creature (this is CreatureTest):
        if obj provides the property animate directly, yes;
        if obj does not provide the property talkable directly, no;
        if the action to be is either the asking it about action or the answering it that action or the telling it about action or the asking it for action, yes.

    [ CreatureTest obj;
    if (obj has animate) rtrue;
    if (obj hasnt talkable) rfalse;
    if (action_to_be == ##Ask or ##Answer or ##Tell or ##AskFor) rtrue;