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version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Chapter - Extracting Verb Numbers

    [A long tale of woe lies behind the following. Infocom games stored verb numbers
    in a single byte in dictionary entries, but they did so counting downwards, so
    that verb number 0 was stored as 255, 1 as 254, and so on. Inform followed
    suit so that debugging of Inform 1 could be aided by using the then-available
    tools for dumping dictionaries from Infocom story files; by using the Infocom
    format for dictionary tables, Inform's life was easier.

    But there was an implicit restriction there of 255 distinct verbs (not 256
    since not all words were verbs). When Glulx raised almost all of the Z-machine
    limits, it made space for 65535 verbs instead of 255, but it appears that
    nobody remembered to implement this in I6-for-Glulx and the Glulx form of
    the I6 library. This was only put right in March 2009, and the following
    routine was added to concentrate lookups of this field in one place.]

    To decide what 1-based index based rulebook producing structs is the first understand-as line for (word - an understood [verb] word):
    (- VM_CommandTableAddress(DictionaryWordToVerbNum({word})) -).

    [ see the VM-specific sections at the bottom. ]