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  • Section - plural problems

    [ the I7 property "printed plural name" (I6 = "plural") is only printed from the Activity, and that activity is only called from the Printing Number Of activity. Since *that* activity always runs first, the plural name is always preceded by another word, negating the need for a capitalised plural name in Inform's prosegen. So, we add the following rule just in case someone (i.e., another extension improving handling of plurals) calls the activity from elsewhere. ]

    A thing has a text called printed capitalised plural name. The printed capitalised plural name of a thing is usually "[the printed plural name of the item described as capitalised]".

    Rule for printing the plural name of something (called the item) when capitalisation is needed (this is the printing the capitalised plural name rule): say "[the printed plural name of the item as capitalised]".