Mentioned In Room Description

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * Rip - A re-implementation of standard example 335, in which a character's description is blended into the room's, at least until he wakes.

    The original example required a less than obvious rule in order to solve difficulties in wrapping Rip Van Winkle's description in the room description. Here, we allow Rip to move around, napping in various places. But when he naps in his original location, his description is once again weaved into the room description.

        "Rip Van Winkle"

        Include Mentioned in Room Description by Ron Newcomb.

        Section 1 - Original Example

        A person can be asleep.

        The Catskills is a room. "Here is a lovely, secluded fold in the mountains, far from civilization[if Rip Van Winkle is here asleep]: as though to prove it, [Rip Van Winkle] is sleeping under a tree[end if]."

        A tree is scenery in the Catskills.

        Rip Van Winkle is a man in the Catskills. "Rip Van Winkle [if Rip is asleep]is sleeping again[otherwise]stands here, looking mightily confused[end if]." Rip Van Winkle is asleep.

        Instead of waiting:
            say "Rip Van Winkle wakes up with a snort.";
            now Rip Van Winkle is not asleep.
        Test me with "look / z / look / rip, down / look / down / nap / look / z / rip, up / look / up / nap / look".
        Section 2 - Additions
        Instead of sleeping:
            say "Rip Van Winkle nods off again.";
            now Rip is asleep.
        Down the valley is below the Catskills. "A creek tumbles over pebbles and roots, enroute to the rest of the world."
        Persuasion: rule succeeds.