Mentioned In Room Description

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * Notable Machines - One machine to use a name, one machine to move around its mention. Comes with instructions.

        "Notable Machines"

        Include Mentioned in Room Description by Ron Newcomb.

        The laboratory is a room. "This room is completely nondescript but for [the Hieronymus machine], the massive bulk of which fills nearly every corner."
        The Hieronymus machine is a fixed in place device in the laboratory. "Because the room description does not wrap an if-statement around the object's mention, and the machine cannot be moved to another room, this text is only seen by the player when the room description is wholly suppressed, such as after the player uses the BRIEF command."
        A teleport chamber is an enterable fixed in place container in the laboratory. "A teleport chamber glows gently, inviting entry. Doing so will teleport the chamber's mention to the room heading."
        Test me with " look / x machine / x chamber / enter chamber / look / exit / look ".