Grouped Messages As Dialogue

version 1 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Section 7 - Scripts as a Series of Relevant Things

    Section 8 - Excerpt from Default Messages - written by David Fisher

    A library-message-value is a kind of value.
    The library-message-values are defined by the table of library messages.

    A library-message is a kind.
    A library-message has a library-message-value called the message.

    A library-message can be out of world.
    A library-message can be action acknowledgement.
    [ not all actions that fail are futile. Attempting to open a locked door would fail, but the attempt wasn't futile. How are we to know a door's locked until we try it? ]
    A library-message can be failing. [ an action stopped, usually because of some sort of "cannot" rule ]
        A library-message can be futile. [ searching in the dark, doing something already done, emptying something into itself, etc]
            A library-message can be re-attempting. [ doing something already done is always a futile activity, but not all futile activies involve re-doing something ]
    A library-message can be blocked. [ blocked actions. See the Actions index ]
    A library-message can be darkness-involving.
    A library-message can be parser-erroring. [ the built-in parser errors ]
    A library-message can be parser-modal. [ the parser is in a special mode: waiting for a Disambig. answer, a Yes/No answer, a menu selection, a SPACE to continue... ]
        A library-message can be answer-awaiting. [ a disambig answer, yes/no, or menu selection]
    A library-message can be physically-vigorous. [ Indiana-Jones kind of stuff. ]
    A library-message can be bodily-senses.
    A library-message can be civilized. [ giving, showing, asking, saying, telling, kissing, hugging, and all conversation. Sadly, a small list ]
        A library-message can be conversational. [ including the answer-awaiting parser problems ]
    A library-message can be involving-nothing.

    The game error is a library-message.

    [ Special handling for "go" without a direction ]

    The block vaguely going rule is not listed in the for supplying a missing noun rules.

    Rule for supplying a missing noun while going:
        change message of the game error to LibMsg <block vaguely going>;
        abide by the current errorbook; say "". [ if this isn't here, it says "You must supply a noun" ! ]

    [ discovering things in newly opened containers ]

    To say what's on the object:
            list the contents of the main object, prefacing with is/are, as a sentence,
                including contents, giving brief inventory information,
                tersely, not listing concealed items.

    To say what's inside the object part 1:
            if main object is the location, say "You";
            otherwise say "On/In [the main object] you";
            say " can".

    To say what's inside the object part 2:
            say "see ";
            list the contents of the main object, as a sentence, including contents,
                listing marked items only, giving brief inventory information,
                tersely, not listing concealed items;
            if the main object is the location, say " here";
            say "."

    The main object is an object that varies.