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version 3 by Ron Newcomb

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  • Example: * Poster Shopping - A vignette.

        "Poster Shopping"
        Include Default Messages by Ron Newcomb. Use library message alerts.
        The poster shop is a room.
        The horror movie poster is a lit thing in the poster shop.
        The romantic movie poster is a thing in the poster shop.
        The fantasy movie poster is a thing in the poster shop.
        Carry out examining the player for the first time: increase the score by 2.
        Table of custom library messages (continued)
      library-action  library-message-id  library-message-text  
      taking inventory action  1  "You've decided to acquire a new movie poster."  
      --  10  "I didn't catch your drift there."  
      --  109  " (glows in the dark"  
      taking action  1  "You go for [the noun]."  
      going action  2  "Born and raised in the city, you have no idea what direction is [noun]."  
      --  49  "Which poster will you [library message verb]?"  
      --  35  "I see nothing that '[library message pronoun]' could possibly refer to."   
      --  50  "You've [if library message amount > 0]gained[otherwise]lost[end if] [library message amount in words] point[s][ignore library line break]"  
      --  75  " A [random carried thing] adorns your wall [ignore library line break]"  
        Instead of going when something is carried, end the story.
        Test me with "x me / i / / take / her / s / take horror poster / i / s ".