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  • Chapter - (for use with Plurality by Emily Short)

    Section - (in place of Section 1 - Tracking Last Item in Plurality by Emily Short)

    [ Here is only the stuff that Plurality needs and CLM does not. The stuff common to both is included unconditionally elsewhere and is removed from this section of Plurality. ]

    A thing can be neuter. A thing is usually neuter. [ Already a property of Person in vanilla Inform, Plurality gives it to Thing as well. ]

    To decide if (item - an object) acts plural:
        if the item is nothing:
            if the story viewpoint is at least first person plural, yes;
            if the story viewpoint is at most second person, yes; [ "I" acts plural with every verb except the was/were inflections of are*. That sole exception we solve within the table of irregular verbs. ]
        if the item is any third person singular, no;
        if the item is any third person plural, yes;
        if the item is an ambiguously plural thing, yes; [ Plurality needs this line. CLM does not. ]
        decide on whether or not the item is plural-named.