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version 4/120212 by Ron Newcomb

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    "Changes the tense and viewpoint of all of the built-in messages in Inform's library. Also provides an activity for additional customizations, and say-phrases for verb phrase generation."

    "with special thanks to David Fisher"

    [ Ron Newcomb can be reached at ]
    [ Version 1: initial public release (not including several beta versions.) Thanks Jeff Nyman, "capmikee", Paul "Laroquod", and "gravel". ]
    [ Version 2: Corrects "On the table is ." error. Thanks CEJ Pacian. ]
    [ Version 3: Now compatible with "use no deprecated phrases" when including Plurality, meaning, all "[Cap xx-xxx]" phrases were rewritten to "[Xx-xxx]". Fixed bug with have* irregular verb, especially when used in the second person present tense. Thanks George Oliver. Also documents snafu with "only understood as far as" which reprints the command afterward regardless what's replaced. Copied documentation regarding globals from Default Messages to here. Removed optional of/-- word from the case-sensitive say-phrases that-those, etc., due to Inform bug. Cleaned up the index a bit. Added an example from Default Messages. Removed a phrase that was only used in the example, and added it to the documentation instead. ]
    [ Version 4: Saying "[The player] saw [the player]" now works correctly for non-second person viewpoints. Thanks Mark Tilford. Several Going action messages were corrected for obvious faults, and looking action #6 was touched to deal with line break issues when additional rules follow I-could-also-see. Thanks CEJ Pacian, StJohnLimbo, and Matt W. Fixed many more messages for particular tense-viewpoint combinations. Thanks Ben Sokal. Informed the list writer to change between past & present tenses. Modified Aux/aux say-phrases so I could change the [n't] say-phrase so it always prints n't/not when used, to make it more user-friendly outside of the extension. Removed a few say-phrases that weren't used at all. Documented remaining say-phrases. Re-arranged documentation. Added the "any third person singular" and "any third person plural" objects to cover some edge cases. Rewrote the irregular verb handling to use 5 table rows per entry rather than four. Polished extension's appearance in the author's index. Added the [^] capitalisation say-phrase from the extension Mentioned In Room Descriptions. Added [have+], [are+], and [do+] to ease migration from David's CLM extension. For Glulx builds only, split the I-could-also-see rule in twain, so the former can be replaced without nixing the listing nondescript items activity. Added the ability to expand the list of pronouns & declensions (story viewpoints) for members of the LGBT community. Added new example for same. Removed support for second person plural; an example demonstrates how to add it back in. Added a run-time problem callout in the case of a missing library message, which prints which table the message is missing from, and corrected its ability to detect same. The use option library message alerts is now always on, in testing builds only. Rewrote from scratch the code to decide on verb inflections -- it's really elegant now! Gave names to the grammatical cases and verb inflections. Now uses section replacement on Plurality for much smoother integration. Rewrote L__M() and completely removed LanguageLM() so there's only one intervened phrase, which is now an activity For rule which works better with rules placed before & after it. Extracted some higher functionality out and moved it to another extension, "Automated Verb Phrases". Renamed the that-those phrase to that-those-us because Plurality's is in nominative case, not dative case. Thanks Ben Sokal. Fixed a few messages to use the library message object or the second noun instead of the noun. And finally, replaced the pronoun in "You have died" with [We] because, even though the message is arguably out of world, the player at the keyboard presumably does not die. But even if they do, this would explain I-F's perpetually limited audience, and anyone who argues otherwise won't be around long enough to complain about the change. Thanks CEJ Pacian. ]
    [ Version 4/110422: Switch_TX had its present/past swapped. Thanks CEJ Pacian. ]
    [ Version 4/120212: Saying that-those-us now says "that" instead of nothing for the case of a neuter animal. Thanks Dan Efran. ]

    [ WISHLIST: An example to print out the entirety of the CLM table in a code form that can be copy-pasted back into a work and used with the much smaller Default Messages. This is if the author needn't change viewpoint or tense during play. ]