Automated Testing

version 1/090116 by Roger Carbol

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    Part 1 -- Things the User May Want to Change

    [The following tables made possible by Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.]

    Table of User Styles (continued)
    style name  justification  obliquity  indentation  first-line indentation  boldness  fixed width  relative size  glulx color  
    special-style-1  left-justified  no-obliquity  0  0  regular-weight  proportional-font  0  g-green  
    special-style-2  left-justified  no-obliquity  0  0  bold-weight  proportional-font  0  g-dark-red  

    Table of Common Color Values (continued)
    glulx color value  assigned number  
    g-pure-green  65280  
    g-pure-red  16711680  
    g-dark-red  11141120  
    g-green  32768  

    success sign translates into Unicode as 8729.
    failure sign translates into Unicode as 35.