Skyrim Clothing

version 1/151026 by Rafael D'Airen

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  • Example: ** Breezehome - Putting on proper clothes to attend a meeting with Balgruuf.
    One can either create clothes to be put on during the play, or set the player to wear them from the beggining. Just remember to set their kinds to be one of the four usable clothing kinds (garment, hat, handwear or footwear).
        Include Skyrim Clothing by Rafael D'Airen.
        Breezehome is a room. "The firepit burns warmly as you enter from the cold winds of the wintery Plains District."
        A wardrobe is a container in Breezehome. "To your left, is the wardrobe with your spare clothes - maybe Valeem is right and you should dress properly to visit the Cloud District." In the wardrobe are the glass armor, the glass helmet, the glass gauntlets and the glass boots. The glass armor is garment. The glass helmet is hat. The glass gauntlets is handwear. The glass boots is footwear.
        The player is wearing an ancient nord armor, an ancient nord helmet, an ancient nord gauntlets and an ancient nord boots. The ancient nord armor is garment. The ancient nord helmet is hat. The ancient nord gauntlets is handwear. The ancient nord boots is footwear.
        Test me with "x wardrobe/take all from wardrobe/i/put on glass armor/put on glass helmet/put on glass gauntlets/put on glass boots/i".