Directional Facing

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  • Section: Movement

    Directional Facing allows the player to say "go forward" and the player moves the direction he's facing. Directions allowed are "forward" or "f", "back" or "b", "left" or "l", and "right" or "r". "inside" or "in", "outside" or "out", and "exit" are also supported, with a tiny bit of modification to the rooms that use them.

    For rooms that use in/out (and for exit from rooms with one entrance/exit), you can allow the player to face a particular way when leaving. This ensures that any relative direction descriptions work in room he's entering. To do this, set the auto_facing for the room to the direction you wish the player to face. If you don't, the player faces north upon entering. (This extension gives all rooms the auto_facing property.)

    At this time, the diagonal directions -- NW, NE, SE, SW -- are not supported. The status bar printout does not have an indicator for NE, NW, SE, or SW, and that is the holdup.