Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section - making Inform recognise the new 'use' comand
    Combining Objects is an action applying to two things. Understand "craft the [something] with the [something]" and "craft [something] and [something]" and "craft [something] with [something]" and "[something] [something]" and "craft [something] in [something]" and "insert [something] in [something]" and "insert the [something] in [something]" and "insert [something] in the [something]" and "insert the [something] in the [something]" and "[something] combined with [something]" and "use [something] on [something]" and "use the [something] on [something]" and "use [something] on the [something]" and "use the [something] on the [something]" and "use [something] with [something]" and "combine [something] with [something]" and "combine the [something] with [something]" and "combine the [something] with the [something]" and "combine [something] with the [something]" as Combining Objects.