Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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    "Replicates the mechanics of point-and-click Adventure games (Such as Simon The Sorcerer) by adding a simple 'Use' Command to your game that allows you to run scripts and combine objects. NOTE: This is an ultra-lightweight super cut-down version of the 'Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine by Philip Black' for people do not want or need a complex crafting system with dynamic toxins and alcohol. If you would like a full-scale crafting system, you should use the Crafting Engine extension instead. If you change your mind later, you can upgrade by simply replacing which one is included in your game. (Note: This extension still requires 'Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew')
    What this extension does:
    * Use an object on anything else to set off a script or reaction.
    * Combine two object to make a third.
    * Make a potion in a returnable flask (you get the flask back when you drink it).
    * Reusable tools that can be used to make things (Use knife on stick to get a spear, say)
    * Use an object on a machine to dispense new object into a hopper.
    * Drops all the bulky poison features of the full-version to make the system easier to use in a game where they aren't needed.
    * Upgrade to the full version at any time without changing any of the language used in your game!
    What this extension does NOT do (These Features are only available in the full Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine by Philip Black):
    * Fully customisable poison and alcohol system.
    * Poisonous objects that taint recipes they are used in.
    * Set poison amount so that some items kill you, and other items don't
    * Combine toxic objects to create deadly poisons
    * Fully dynamic, realistic, poison contamination system - bottles, machines, and tools can be tainted with traces of poison by a careless player.
    * Cleaners to take care of poisoned tools, flasks, and machines.
    * Purification tablets that remove poisons and alcohol to make potions safe to drink.
    * Degrading poisons that wear off of tools, bottles, and machines as they are used.".
    Include Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew.