Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: Potions
    Potions are a special kind of item that often have an effect. Making a potion is as simple as saying:
        Pu Pi Essence is a kind of potion. Pu Pi Essence is Needs a Vessel.
    This will create bottle that returns a flask when drunk. We can also tell the extention what happens when we drink a particular potion by scripting it:
        Before drinking a potion (called the drink): [The Extention automatically handles drinking a random potion and returning a bottle. If the potion is toxic you will get back a Dirty Flask that needs to be Good Cleaned. If you have the ]
            If the Pu Pi Essence is the drink:
                say "You down the Pu Pi Essence and gain......(Fill in something here)";
                [Your Effect Here]
                now craftmessage is false; [This line stops the script's default message from showing. It automatically resets after use.]
    Drinking a Potion will automatically return a Potion Flask. In the full version of this extension they would come back toxic or alcoholic if the potion was toxic or alcoholic in any way.