Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: Handling Objects In Your Game (Important!)
    Every object combined by this script goes to one place - a special room called 'Hyperspace Chest'. When the script tries to combine two objects, the first place it looks for the result is here. This means that the most efficient way to use this script is to try and recycle the ingredient objects it dumps into the chest by moving them back into the game. If you do not do this, the script will default to creating a brand-new object using 'Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew'. You really want to avoid this as much as possible as there is an upper limit on the number of objects in the game. You should set this pretty high if you are making a game full of combinable objects using this:
        Use MAX_OBJECTS of 999.
    This will lift the upper limit on objects in the game to 999. You can add more if you think you'll need it, but you probably won't.