Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: What this extension does NOT do (These Features are only available in the full Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine by Philip Black):
    * Fully customisable poison and alcohol system.
    * Poisonous objects that taint recipes they are used in.
    * Set poison amount so that some items kill you, and other items don't
    * Combine toxic objects to create deadly poisons
    * Fully dynamic, realistic, poison contamination system - bottles, machines, and tools can be tainted with traces of poison by a careless player.
    * Cleaners to take care of poisoned tools, flasks, and machines.
    * Purification tablets that remove poisons and alcohol to make potions safe to drink.
    * Degrading poisons that wear off of tools, bottles, and machines as they are used.