Simple Adventure Game System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: If you get a bug during gameplay
    'When play begins:' script, the chances are you got the wording there wrong - probably by trying to use the same wording as in the main script. In the 'When Play Begins:' scripts the phrasing is different to that in the main body of the game, so while you first say 'EVERY thing becomes the Other Thing in the main script, in the 'When Play Begins' we say:
        When play begins:
            Now EVERY thing becomes EVERY Other Thing;
            Now every Other Thing IS THE SAME AS every Other Thing; [So every combined object is the same as itself]
    Be careful not to loose track of which things you have listed like this as the game will often still compile and some combinations will seem to first. A good method of working is to make sure that once we have listed what a thing becomes, we immediately make sure we add the item to the 'When play begins:' list. REMEBER: You need to create both types of 'When play begins' scripts to avoid gameplay bugs (Especially with stacks of created items). Hopefully in the future there will be a way to do this automatically. As I said earlier: If it helps, try listing ingredients and results seperatly:
        When play begins: [---------- ingredient list]
            Now every thing becomes EVERY Other Thing; [pair these by what they become]
        When play begins: [---------- RESULT list]
            Now Every (thing) is the same as every (itself again);