Hyperlink Combat System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section Oposition
    [ Now we define a relation between factions which indicates whether these factions will attack each other. ]
    Hating relates various factions to various factions.
    The verb to hate (he hates, they hate, he hated, it is hated, he is hating) implies the hating relation.
    [ The opposing relationship makes it easier to see if two people are antagonists. ]
    Opposing relates a person (called X) to a person (called Y) when the faction of X hates the faction of Y.
    The verb to oppose (he opposes, they oppose, he opposed, it is opposed, he is opposing) implies the opposing relation.
    The opposition test subject is a person that varies.
    Definition: a person is opposer if it opposes opposition test subject.
    Friendly hates Hostile. Hostile hates Friendly.
    A person has a faction. A person is usually passive.
    The player is Friendly.
    [ We need a rulebook to decide whether people are going to battle each other in the current location. If not, we're not going to run all our ATTACK-machinery. ]
    [The hate rules are a rulebook.
    [ Depreciated - check the combat status instead ]
    To decide whether hate is present (deprecated):
        follow the hate rules;
        if rule succeeded:
            decide yes;
            decide no.
    Last hate rule (this is the standard hate rule):
        [ This is for speed. It is the most common case where we decide yes. ]
        if the player is a Friendly alive person and Friendly hates Hostile and at least one Hostile alive person is enclosed by the location:
            rule succeeds;
        repeat with X running through alive not passive persons enclosed by the location:
            repeat with Y running through alive persons enclosed by the location:
                if X opposes Y:
                    rule succeeds;
        rule fails.]