Hyperlink Combat System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: Custom Foes and Allies
    Section Hostile, Passive, Friendly, and Non-Combat
    Every person in the game requires just two things to fight. You just need to set them to hostile and add the following script:
        Goblin is hostile.
        Default-Attack for a Goblin:
            rule succeeds.
    If you would like to be able to attack passive or friendly people, you can do so like this:
        Check attacking Frank:
            Now Frank is Hostile;
    If you would like to make it so the player cannot suddenly attack a person:
        Bob is Non-Combat.
    Or, to make the game mostly non-combat:
        A person is usually Non-Combat.
    Section Making a Custom Foe
    Setting up more complex allies and enemies in the extension works exactly the same way - you just need to alter their default stats. Here is an example of a simple slow rock monster with a brutal attack:
        Rockrock is a person in Combat Arena. Rockrock is hostile. The initiative of RockRock is 10.
        The health of Rockrock is 100.
        The permanent health of Rockrock is 100.
        The dice number of Rockrock is 10. [Rockrock is VERY STRONG. You need to kill it before it kills you.]
        The damage die of Rockrock is 12.
        The Min Range of Rockrock is 0. [Short range.]
        The Max Range of Rockrock is 1.
        Move Speed of Rockrock is 1. [Rockrock is very slow!]
        The Current Range of Rockrock is 20. [This is the didtance ]
        Rockrock is Predatory Attacker.
        The Waiting Text of Rockrock is "The Rockrock grinds into motion. ".
        The Attacking Text of Rockrock is " The Rockrock crashes towards [Target Name] ".
        Default-Attack for a Rockrock: [This it the default attack behavior AI of a RockRock]
            rule succeeds.
        Defeat for a Rockrock:
            Say "[Paragraph Break]You smash the Rockrock to bits! ";
            rule succeeds.
    The Rockrock is strong, heavy, and moves very slowly, so the player is forced to wither back away, or take them down before they arrive and deal damage. Instead of having a weapon the player can take, the Rockrock themselves is set up like a weapon. If you want, you can even make the Rockrock a CustomWeapon in order to give them a script that they run every time they hit. Be warned though, if you give any person in the game weapons they will automatically pick one and equip it, ignoring their default abilities until the weapon is removed. This means that if you gave the RockRock a tiny 1d4 dagger, it would use that instead of its crushing 10d12 fists! This is because the extension is built to give control of weapon distribution to the game designer.
    Section Attacker Targeting Behaviour
    By default, attackers in your game will target one enemy at random when combat starts and stick to attacking just them. There are, however other options you can use. Here is the full list with the code listed under the description.
    Default option - target one enemy and stick with them:
        Rockrock is Predatory Attacker.
    United take-down - Enemies with this behaviour will work as a team to kill one enemy before moving on to the next:
        Wolf is Pack Predator Attacker.
    Indecisive - Every turn the attacker will choose a random enemy to try and hit. This is good for lots of interesting things from very minor flighty minions and and ranged attackers with special debuff abilities to big bosses or bulls with a charge attack.
        Monkey is Erratic Attacker.
    Utterly unpredictable – Every turn the attacker will choose a person completely at random and attack them, regardless of if they are a friend, a foe, or dead on the floor. This script is not intended for general use but is instead included just to see what people will do with it! Perhaps it will give you ideas, perhaps it is just what you are looking for, or perhaps you will never use it.
        Hacked Turret is Chaotic Stupid.