Hyperlink Combat System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: Customising the player's responces
    For many players, the discriptions you give in game are very important. Because of this, customising the messages they get during combat can be the difference between combat being a chore and combat being fun. Out of all the most useful tools for doing this is random text, which, if you are clever with it, can allow you to produce a different message every single time the text is called. Here is a simple example for the warrior class that shows how you can hint at the bonuses they are getting in combat without stating them outright:
        Concentrating Text of Player is "You [one of]get really angry[or]snarl in rage[at random], [if the Concentration of the Player is 2]pumping yourself up to take them down![otherwise if the Concentration of the Player is 4]screaming a war cry![otherwise]becoming totally berserk![end if] ";
        Focus Defence Text of Player is "You [one of]dive back, striking a defensive posture[or]duck behind cover[at random], [if the defence Bonus of the Player is 2]now more cautious than before![otherwise if the defence Bonus of the Player is 4]blocking everything you can[otherwise]ducking and diving like mad![end if] ";
    For the really common texts like Attacking, you can also make that more complex by sorting the text in a way that allows multiple levels of randomness. With care, you can make the text seem entirely different and interesting every time so that the player always wants to read it. NOTE: You should always end these statements with an extra empty space so that the entire fight apears as a single line like a story. You can experement with this if you wish.
        To RandAttack:
            Say "[one of]swing[or]thrust[or]stab[at random]";
        To RandTextPart2:
            Say "[one of]face[or]ear[or]body[at random]";
        Attacking Text of the Player is "[one of]You [RandAttack] your [MyWeapon][or]Swinging your [MyWeapon], you leap to strike[at random] [one of]at [Global Attacker]'s [RandTextPart2][or][at random] ";
        HITTING U of the Player is usually "and hits [one of]with a spray of blood[or]opening a nasty wound[at random] ".