Hyperlink Combat System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: Customising Player Failure
    You can either have a single custom defeat message for your players by including the following in your game:
        Defeat for a Player:
            end the story saying "[bold type]You Have Died. The End.[roman type]";
            rule succeeds.
    Or you can create custom ending rules for each monster by saying:
        Generic Ending is true.
    This allows you to include custom effects such as knockouts, captures, and interogations. It also allows you to toggle the effect by turning the Generic Ending on or off. Don't forget that you can switch Generic Ending on and off during play as you see fit!
        Victory for a Rock Goblin:
            Say "[Paragraph Break]The Rock Goblin slays you! You Have Died. The End.";
            rule succeeds.
    Section Player Victory
    Victory rules, by comparison, are always determined by the player victory script AND the enemy's script. So usually it is best to make victory scripts as simple as this for the monsters:
        Defeat for a Rock Goblin:
            Say "[Paragraph Break]You kill the Rock Goblin!";
            Increase Experience by 10;
            Level Up Checker;
            rule succeeds.
    And save the more complex victory scripts for the player or the boss characters. You can, of course, also use these scripts to do things like cause special events.