Hyperlink Combat System

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: REQUIRED CODE
    Section Read this first
    The following scripts MUST be included in your game to make this extension work. Failing to include them will cause errors. These scripts are added here so that you may customise them easily. You will also need to install Hyperlink Interface by Leonardo Boselli.
        Victory for a Player: [This script runs whenever Combat Ends!]
            Say "[Paragraph Break]VICTORY! The enemy is defeated. You have won.";
            [Spesify what happens next here]
            rule succeeds.
        Defeat for a Player: [This script runs whenever Combat Ends in failure!]
            Say "[Paragraph Break]Defeat! The enemy overwhelms you, you have lost!";
            [Spesify what happens next here]
            rule succeeds.
        Default-Attack for Player: [This it the default attack behavior of THE PLAYER]
            rule succeeds.
        To say Target Name: [The word 'you' can be replaced with the tag for the player's name]
            If the Player is Target:
                Say "you";
            [ Say "[Player name]";]
                Say "[Target]";
        To say Attacker Name:
            If the Player is Global Attacker:
                Say "your";
            [ Say "[Player name]'s";]
                Say "[Global Attacker]'s";
        To say MyWeapon:
            If the player encloses a readied weapon: [This allows you to use the tag [MyWeapon] in combat discriptions to say what weapon the player is using]
                Say "[random readied weapon enclosed by the player]";
                Say "[One of]fists[or]feet[at random]";
        To Level Up Checker:
            If Experience is at least XP target:
                Increment Level;
                Increase XP target by XP target;
                Say "Player LEVELS UP! Don't forget to script a way to increase your abilities, and those of your allies! "
    Rule for printing the description of something (called item):
         if the item is Subdued person:
            Say "[line break][description of item][paragraph break]The [noun] is defeated! [If the noun encloses at least 1 thing]You could loot them if you want (They are carrying [list of things enclosed by the noun])[otherwise]But unfortunately they don't have anything worth taking[end if]";
        Otherwise if item is a person:
            say "[line break][description of item] [bold type]Actions:[roman type] '[o]Attack [Item][x]' |"; [THIEVING MENU GOES HERE]
            say "[line break][description of item][if item is readied weapon] (Readied Weapon)[end if][if the maximum shots of item is at least 1 and current shots of item is less than maximum shots of item] ([current shots of item] of [maximum shots of item] [shots text of item] left)▶[o]RELOAD[x]◀ |[otherwise if the maximum shots of item is at least 1] ([current shots of item] of [maximum shots of item] [shots text of item] left)[end if] [bold type]Actions:[roman type][if the item is fixed in place][otherwise if the item is enclosed by the player] '[o]Drop [Item][x]' |[otherwise] '[o]Take [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is wearable] '[o]Wear [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is edible] '[o]Eat [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is Potion] '[o]Drink [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is readied Weapon] '[o]Unequip [Item][x]' |[otherwise if the item is Weapon] '[o]Equip [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is locked] '[o]Unlock [Item][x]' |[end if][if the item is unlocked and the item is lockable] '[o]Lock [Item][x]' |[end if][line break]";