Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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    "Adds a custom 'Use' comand to your game with built-in Crafting, Alchemy, Object Combing and Dynamic Poison systems. With this extension you can set up recipes and tools that the player can try and use to make anything, use objects on things to trigger scripts, as well as adding interactive machines that drop items when you insert other items. Taint items with alcohol and various levels of Poison and easily customise their effects. You can also easily set up scripts that mimic the mechanics in classic adventure games (such as Simon the Sorcerer). Note: This extension requires 'Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew'.
    What this extension does:
    * Adds a custom 'Use' command to your game with built-in Crafting, Alchemy, Object Combing and Dynamic Poison system features.
    * Combine two object to make a third.
    * Use an object on anything else to set off a script or reaction.
    * Use a tool on an object to craft it. (Use knife on stick to get a spear, say)
    * Make a potion in a returnable flask (you get the flask back when you drink it).
    * Use an object on a machine to dispense new object into a hopper.
    * Fully customisable dynamic poison and alcohol system.
    * Poisonous objects that taint recipes they are used in.
    * Set poison amount so that some items kill you, and other items don't
    * Combine toxic objects to create deadly poisons
    * Fully dynamic, realistic, poison contamination system - bottles, machines, and tools can be tainted with traces of poison by a careless player.
    * Cleaners to take care of poisoned tools, flasks, and machines.
    * Purification tablets that remove poisons and alcohol to make potions safe to drink.
    * Degrading poisons that wear off of tools, bottles, and machines as they are used.".
    Include Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew.